Revolutionising Construction: The Cost-Effective Efficiency of the Dryklad System

Reducing Material Requirements At the heart of the Dryklad system’s innovation is the A2 isolator, working in conjunction with extruded aluminium brackets. This combination allows for a reduction in the total material required for both the support system and, crucially, the insulation. By optimising the design and utilisation of materials, the Dryklad system not only […]

Case Studies in Rainscreen Cladding: Success Stories from the Field

Case Study 1: The Eco-Friendly Office Complex This project stands as a testament to sustainability, utilising recycled aluminium panels in its rainscreen cladding system. The choice of material significantly reduced the building’s carbon footprint, aligning with the project’s green building certification goals. The cladding’s innovative design also contributed to thermal efficiency, reducing energy consumption for […]

Enhancing Sustainability Through Rainscreen Cladding

Sustainable Material Selection The choice of materials for rainscreen cladding is fundamental to the sustainability of a project. Eco-friendly materials such as recycled metal panels, sustainably sourced wood, and bio-composite materials not only reduce the environmental impact of production but also contribute to a building’s overall sustainability. These materials often come with reduced carbon footprints, […]

Fire Safety in Rainscreen Cladding: Innovations and Compliance

Understanding Fire Regulations In the UK, the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy has led to a rigorous reevaluation of fire safety standards in building construction, particularly concerning the materials used in façade systems. Regulations now place a heightened emphasis on using materials rated A1 or A2-s1, d0 under the European Classification system, denoting non-combustible […]

Navigating the New: Design Trends in Rainscreen Cladding

Embracing Material Innovation One of the most exciting trends is the exploration and adoption of new materials in rainscreen cladding systems. Beyond the traditional options, architects and designers are experimenting with everything from recycled plastics to advanced composites. These materials not only offer unique aesthetic qualities but also contribute to the sustainability and energy efficiency […]

The Science Behind Rainscreen Cladding Materials: Choosing Wisely for Your Project

Understanding Material Properties The selection process for rainscreen cladding materials involves a careful evaluation of several key properties: Durability: The ability of the material to withstand environmental stressors such as UV radiation, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and pollutants. Fire Resistance: Essential for ensuring safety, materials should comply with the UK’s stringent fire safety regulations, prioritising non-combustible options classified […]

Rainscreen Cladding in Construction: Enhancing Durability and Aesthetics

The Basics: What is Rainscreen Cladding? At its core, rainscreen cladding is a form of exterior wall detail where the cladding stands off from the moisture-resistant surface of the building’s structure. This design creates a ventilated cavity that allows for water drainage and evaporation, effectively acting as a barrier against water ingress. But the benefits […]